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Charlie Faler

Social Media Marketing Expert
The founder of the website

Hi, my name is Charlie Faler, 29 years old from Southern California. I'm currently based in the city of Valle Vista while attending Mt. San Jacinto Community College as an honors student. When I'm not busy studying, I am busy working.

Welcome to my website! A portfolio that showcases some of my work, as well as the skills and experience that I bring to the table. If you like what you see and would like to reach out, please get started.

How It Works


Discord Experience


Let's talk, I have a plethora of experience in managing, creating, and transforming discord servers. From custom discord bots to specific permission settings. Automatic mass-role assignments, discord cloning, you name it.

Social Media Management & Promotion


Across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and LinkedIn, I have exclusive access to over 30 million real followers.

Content Creation


I have created unique one of one's for all my clients. From creating marketing memes to constructing engaging social media posts. Programs used; Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Gimp.

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Contracted Services

Outsourcing Specialist

Developed connections at home and abroad connecting with digital freelancers to get the job done.


Having worked with many different companies across many different industries. I tend to find myself be-fitting on the concept of product management and sales. With over 800+ Satisfied Clients on Freelancing website Fiverr, alone.


Specializing in Crafting an Effective Social Media Marketing Approach for Industry Leading Businesses in the Dental, Legal, and Gen AI Sector. My Unique Methods Exclusively Emphasize Three Core Elements: Strategic Planning, Community Management, and Social Media Promotion.

Alongside My Comprehensive Suite of Services, Which Encompass Photoshop, Content Development, Graphic Design, Online Advertising, Public & Investor Relations, and Blog SEO, I Assure You of Demonstrated Results and Professional Excellence.


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